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Funny, I was talking just the other day to a guy that went to one of your seminars. I thought $2000 was expensive, but he said it was the best investment he ever made. I may come to one of them. Maybe not that one, but I will do my best. When will you be in the Las Vegas area?

Rick -

Hey Jim,
18 months ago I was living in the hills of Tennessee, bored to death, and a slave to the business I had created… then I met you, we became friends and I adopted some of your philosophies and WOW!!! Today I live in Encinitas (N.San Diego) and watch the sunset with my soul mate every night (she swears it sizzles when the sun hits the Pacific). I owe it all to you… Thanks for EVERYthing, you new best friend,

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Its a fact, Many people know what to do, but dont do what they know. Reason? The imagination wil ALWAYS take control over knowledge. If you imagine failure, then the mind exapnds and connects to the bigger vision of failure. You could have the deck stacked for success, but in your own mind you see failure. This unfortunate use of the imagination will stop all progress in its tracks. The good news is this fact will work in the opposite direction as well. If it seems the deck of life is stacked against you, then the power of the imagination will expand the possibilities of success before you and integrate them into your life…….Use the dynamic power of your imagination as an ally. Its YOUR power~

Hey Jim! You keep talking about things called accelerators, what are they? Simply put accelerators are situations, people or strategies that allow you to do just that. Accelerate faster toward your goals. Life is made up of time. Seconds, minutes,hours, days, months, years. as the hourglass of life trickles, the faster you can reach your goals the more time you have to experience the rewards that come with that accomplishment. people can be accelerators, people who can share their learning curve to shorten yours. inspire you when down. Knowledge can be an accelerator, it builds confidence, self-esteem and ability. Your thoughts are vital as an accelerator. They can motivate or paralyze. Every week look at the components you can integrate...

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Jim Lutes Training

This is "Jim Lutes Training" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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Its within your grasp. Practice your craft and never quit.

Jim Lutes RARE hypnosis video early in his career

One of the worlds best hypnosis masters as he was early in his career. This is a demo Jim shot in Southern California, Jim's has taken his career into becoming a true master of human change and personal development. Jim speaks worldwide on subconscious reprogramming for success.

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Tuning Your Mind Power…

Most people I talk to say they want to attain new levels of success, I tell them to put their imagination to work,visualizing their goals as if they are already happening. Talk to yourself as if you are already achieving that success that up until now you’ve only dreamed of.

One of the most powerful components in using your mind for success is the feelings involved. Imagining success without mixing in massive amounts of positive feelings is nothing more than a mental exercise. If you supercharge your visualizations and affirmations with faith, gratitude, passion, or excitement then suddenly you have a powerful life changing tool. That tool of the mind is simply the imagination.

Many of us are in the h...

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Jim Lutes - How to break a limiting belief ? David Laroche is interviewing Jim Lutes. Help us caption & translate this video!

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